Four Winds at North Mountain was the PERFECT venue for our special wedding weekend! Jennifer and her family were so sweet and accommodating and we felt right at home. The beautiful scenic landscape and the spacious outside venue make this the perfect wedding venue. We are so lucky to have found this venue and highly recommend it to others!
— P. Kelley - May 2018

This was the very first venue my husband and I looked at, and we made our decision right then and there that this was the perfect place for us! No other appointments were needed! Such breathtaking views and just an all around amazing venue! Jennifer was such a joy to work with and made the wedding day such a breeze! I highly recommend this venue for any couples! OH and I can’t forget to mention how gorgeous it s when all of the horses are out running around, so BEAUTIFUL!
— A. Cubbage - October 2018

My husband and I looked at four winds first for our wedding and we cancelled all other venue appointments we had! We fell in love instantly with this place and we knew it would be perfect for our wedding! Jennifer was amazing to work with and can’t thank her enough! She answered all our questions and made sure we had everything ready to make our day perfect! Our friends and family loved four winds and our wedding was perfect and beautiful! I highly recommend this place for any future couples looking for a venue!
— P. Ramsey - August 2018